“Love the podcast! You guys remind me so much of my wife and I and our daily struggles! Sometimes we get caught up in thinking we are alone with our feelings but you guys bring a fresh perspective into knowing we are not alone with the parenting and life struggles.” -Evan Bussel
“Listened to both episodes today, amazing job to both of you. I am going to get my wife to listen also. It was as if I was across the table from you both and we were just chatting.” – hc_customdesigns
“You guys are a future podcast powerhouse of inspiration. Loved the first episode and hooked for life! Quick takeaway for those new or on the fence to join K & L tribe…always carry the positive mindset to impact your tribe to inspire ‘Living the Dream’!! I always tell our kiddos you give to get and you guys are blessing everyone who listens in. I’m recharged and fired up to keep Living the Dream!” – DK & Kelly, Reclaimed Living Store