IMG_0108.jpgEpisode 1
In this first episode Kyle and Lindsy take a scenic approach in discussing their crazy life together. They touch on a variety of unplanned unscheduled topics that give listeners a feel for this family and career juggling couple


Episode 2
In this episode listener’s will relate to the banter when Kyle air’s Lindsy’s dirty laundry. Find out what life is like for the King when the Queen leaves the castle.


Episode 3 
At one point, Lindsy’s face gets so red she’s glad that you can’t see it. Kyle’s innuendo in this episode is hard to miss, but no worries…they keep it PG. They cover kids bedtime routines, unicorn pajamas, and that sometimes…they are just tired.

Episode 4
Happy Valentine’s Day! This episode barely made the PG rating. Kyle and Lindsy try to keep their fondest memories in check while reminiscing on their dating adventure days.


IMG_3071Episode 5
Ever put something down on the counter just to come back and find it gone a few minutes later? Kyle and Lindsy discuss their idea or organization and even spill into a hot topic conversation on playing toys with the kids. How to find the time?!

Episode 6
Kyle and Lindsy, Lindsy and Kyle. We have been synonymous so long! We discuss the constant evolution of our relationship as we continue to establish separate careers and connections.

Episode 7
How often do you ask your kids about their day just to have them reply, “fine”. In this episode Kyle and Lindsy revisit strategies that they’ve used to hear more about their kids day, and even touch on the shock that comes with being a new parent.

Episode 8 
Every conversation eventually turns to kids or work. We try out something different here! Thought Catalog provides us with some crazy awesome questions for date night inspiration.


Episode 9 
Everyday we roll through the day like it is a rollercoaster! In this episode we talk empathy and Lindsy gets a little soap-boxy about what life is like as an Elementary School Principal.


Episode 10 
Our listeners have some great questions! This week we answer just a few of them. What drives us crazy about the other? What selfish behaviors do we each have? Tune in!